About Us


At the heart of our work lies the close and constant collaboration with craftsmen, family businesses and individual artisans who are rooted deeply in Italian tradition. We combine the careful use of high quality materials with a constant search for a better understanding of the different uses for and customs of wearing hat. That way we stay in touch with the rapidly changing styles of contemporary fashion, but stay true to our roots. As a result, AdrianHats© is a a brand that values and creates high-quality, carefully crafted and on-trend products.

The Designer

Veronica Adriani grew up behind the counter of a wholesale Italian hat shop opened in the 1960s by her grandfather Ugo Adriani in Rome. Following her studies in filmography, Veronica worked as a photographer and lived and traveled in the Americas and Asia:

"Through photography I seek an aesthetic that
corresponds to my way of being, that expresses who I am and how I see the world.”

Upon returning to Rome she reacquainted herself with the art form of hat making that she had left behind to see the world. Three years later AdrianHats© was created.
Everything Veronica knows about hats craft comes from the tradition that she was raised in. After being surrounded by hats from childhood on, Veronica loves the expressiveness of this versatile accessory. She learned to appreciate the subtle materials and different processes that go into the making of a hat through early and constant contact with some of the best Italian craftsmen and master
hat makers

AdrianHats© is a new brand that merges Veronica’s hats design aspirations and her life style. A style that feeds of and evolves within the urban context of everyday life.